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Chike N

Making the move to Canada was never going to be easy but Physicians for You were very helpful in easing the process. They were readily on hand to answer questions and proffer advice regarding the process. They are very knowledgeable of the various right steps and how best to approach them - from finding the right employer, getting registration with the College to the immigration issues. Their services are highly recommended.

David S

I am a UK GP who finished VTS around two years ago. I first was in contact with Phil when I was contemplating a move to family medicine in Canada. From the start of the process he was very understanding of the stresses and strains that someone is experiencing when making a huge move like this. It helps that he personally emigrated from the UK to Canada so has been through it himself.

He was very good and always available to help and to smooth out any problems From the first contact when he gave an honest assessment of what it would be like to work in Canada and an overview of the whole process of what was necessary.
He then guides you through the various steps needed to get licensed with the college of family physicians and local medical college. In addition he then supports you finding a suitable job and arranging interviews with potential clinics. Then he helps with the immigration requirements and has a very useful colleague who helped with the work permit.

Overall the process is pretty daunting but taking it step by step with Phil's help made it manageable.In addition in my particular case there were a few problems with getting the necessary immigration clearances and he was very patient at managing this process. 

Although it is early days, I would recommend PHysicians for You to help with the process of emigrating to Canada and finding a role. The decision to move is obviously an individual one but Phil will help support you making this. Of note, he never pressurized me into accepting a role and was very open to me changing my mind about the move if this was what I wanted, even if this would impact him.

Seemi M

Just wanted to send my massive thank you for all your help regarding my move from UK to Canada. I can honestly say that it would have been extremely difficult for me to do this without you. You were approachable 24/7 and I really sometimes wondered when you were getting time out of your work to have some rest! With your guidance and help all the way through I managed to find a lovely place in Canada where I am very happy and really looking forward to working here long term. I feel that you understood my personality and matched me with like minded clinic for which I am very grateful.

I thank you once again for all you did and wish you all the best!

Amit K

I have found a great job in GTA Ontario through ‚ÄėPhysicians for you‚Äô. Phil Martin has been a truly professional and reliable recruitment agent who I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone interested in securing a decent job in Ontario. He has always been helpful, patient and quick in responding to my questions. Moving abroad is not an easy task particularly when you‚Äôre well settled in a different country or healthcare system. Phil has been very thorough in explaining the whole process and worked like a friend all the way. Top class service in my experience!

Selma S

Physicians for You have been an absolute dream to work with. Very positive, easy to talk to, very friendly, taking your needs into consideration and listening well. They were very dedicated and honestly available at all times of the day with my queries. From reminders for interviews to tips on what to look out for when we emigrated - it was all very helpful.  Thank you very much in making the transition so smooth for me.

Princewill U

I had expected emigrating from the UK to Canada to be a daunting experience, therefore having an experienced recruitment adviser was very important for me. Phil and his team were fantastic all the way. Their knowledge of both the UK and Canadian health systems was very helpful. They provided excellent advice at every step from licensing to the immigration process while allowing me ownership of the whole process. To cap it all it didn’t cost me a dime. I will unreservedly recommend them.

Ferdi O

How can I thank you? You were absolutely professional and had your human touch throughout the process of working with me to get me to Canada! You went over and beyond shall I dare say your job description and had your personal touch particularly during the difficult and protracted stages in my journey. 

The process was draining financially and mentally and at certain points I almost gave up but you persevered with your kind words of encouragement and at the same time spelt out what was needed to get through each stage.

You are honest, experienced, sensitive to the needs of your clients and work incredibly hard! I consider you a friend even though I have never met you in person. If I were to go through the process again, I would only want you to navigate me through it!

Imran S

I had a great experience of working with Phil over last 3-4 years to find a suitable job in Canada. He has been working in recruitment sector for more than ten years now and has an amazing knowledge of the healthcare system in Canada.

He is open, honest, friendly and always available at the end of the phone, email or skype. The whole process of moving to a new country and healthcare system can be very daunting and that is where Phil and his team helps you to navigate through different steps in a very organised and calm way.

Moving to Canada and the process with MCC, CFPC, CPSO, Billing number and immigration can take somewhere from six months to a year. Phil has a very good system of calling at regular intervals to walk through different steps.

I am working in a nice clinic in GTA now for last two months and enjoying the practice.

His team has helped a number of doctors to move to Canada over the years successfully. He has a team of immigration consultant and financial advisor as well that helps you with arranging visa, immigration and navigating Canadian financial system.

I feel Phil is a Rock star of Canadian Physicians recruitment sector and I will highly recommend his team to any doctor planning a move to Canada.

Tare M

I have been communicating with Phil Martins for a total of about three years now. In this period of correspondence, we have exchanged over 2000 emails. During this time I have found Phil to be very reliable, and very thorough in his work.

My situation was unique in that I had several challenges to overcome in order make it to Canada, but I consider myself very fortunate that I was assigned to be recruited by Phil, because he is very resourceful persistent and has great problem-solving skills. As an acknowledgment of his great work I have referred several of my colleagues to Phil so that he can also assist them in making their dream to come to Canada, materialize.

Phil has an infectious enthusiasm and passion for his work and it is an absolute pleasure to work with him. 

Eadaoin C

My name is Eadaoin Collins and I recently moved to Canada with the assistance of Phil Martin who was my contact throughout the process.  He provided me with clear information about the process and was able to answer my queries at all stages of the process.  He always kept in contact and if he was going to be out of the office for any period of time he ensured I had his mobile number so he could address any queries as they arose.  He was literally available 24/7.  I sent emails to him on a number of occasions and got replies instantly despite the fact that it would only have been 6am in Canada.  

The process of applying to work in Canada involves a lot of paper work and involves making contact with a number of agencies.  He guided me flawlessly through this process.  Phil also arranged for interviews with my top choice of clinics.  He then followed up to enquire as to how I enjoyed the site visit. The final stage of the process was my visa application.  Once again Phil was very prompt and helpful.  He put me in touch with an agency which specializes in visa application work.  I was guided through the various application forms with such efficiency that my visa was granted within just two weeks of my application.  

I arrived in Lethbridge, Alberta on September 7th and have settled in to my place of work.  I am extremely grateful to Phil for all his help throughout the process.  I have since recommended him to some of my friends who are considering moving out here also.

Eleanor F

I would like to place on record my appreciation to Phil Martin for his professionalism and individualised care taken in the entire recruitment and placement process of myself in Saskatchewan, Canada. I would also like to commend Phil Martin for his transparency and ethical business practice with which they tended my case.

I have already and will continue to recommend any doctor interested in oversees employment to look no further than Phil Martin for information, advice, placement, visa/work permit assistance, and every aspect concerned with oversees employment. 

Michael C

It is a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Mr Martin. I initially got to know Phil a little over a year ago as he took over my case to assist with the difficult choices and paperwork associated with a move to Canada. Through him and his work, my family and have been able to transition smoothly from a life in Ireland and relocation to Canada.

Initially Phil Martin helped me choose the clinic that was best for my family. After visiting Canada and the potential clinics, he helped me with the contract negotiations and signing of dates, Phil Martin always stayed on top of the paperwork regarding the verification of my documents and peculiarities of Canadian paperwork. When it came to the work permit, even though he put me in touch with an excellent solicitor, he maintained a hands-on approach to ensuring everything I did and the solicitor did happen in a timely manner.

The transition was a difficult one. However, Phil Martin was always present. He consistently contacted me periodically just in case I had any questions. He consistently paid attention to detail.

Throughout every interaction, Phil Martin was always diligent, courteous, positive and available at a drop of a hat. He would ring me internationally often within an hour of leaving a message on his email. Day or night, it did not seem to matter. I would arrange on occasion to have a phone conversation at a certain time and he never ever let me down. Incredibly, Phil Martin rang me at least three times whilst he was on holidays or away with family.

We had a number of difficulties along the way with the provincial government, the work permit, the accreditation process but Phil Martin was always on hand to fix the issue. He was creative and frequently solved issues that the clinic manager and Alberta Health Services officers could not solve.

I have now settled into life in Canada. I have no doubt that I would not be in such a position today without the kind help of Mr Martin. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the process.

To outline all the help Mr Martin gave me throughout the process would make this letter far too verbose than necessary. However, should the need arise, I am very happy to attest to his excellent character and give additional examples outlining his professionalism. I wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

Johan L

It is with pleasure that I can recommend as a recruiting agent. From the first contact there was frequent communication via email and phone. This all resulted in an overall good experience. He assisted in completing the required forms, setting up the interviews and after a job offer has been made and accepted also assisted with his team in setting up a site visit. Assistance was also provided in dealing with immigration aspects.Guidance was also provided in dealing with the appropriate regulating authorities ie. CPSS.

An endeavour like working in a foreign country is fraud with frustrations but I can definitely recommend Phil martin to ease this off and expedite the process.

Karan R

It gives me immense pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Mr. Phil Martin. I started working with Mr Martin in September of 2012 while trying to get a job as a physician in Canada. I must say that finding a job in a different country than yours can be quite difficult. But Phil made this entire process very easy and comforting for me. He worked with me step by step all through the point I actually started practising in Saskatchewan, Canada. Every time I needed help with anything, Phil was there to assist and was very diligent in his work.

He comes across as a true professional and is a charm to work with. The very fruits of his hard work show in the fact that there are physicians like me who he helped now practising in the underserved areas of Canada where there has been a shortage of health care coverage.‚ÄĮ

I highly recommend him to anyone who aspires to be a doctor in Canada. He is hard working and treats everyone like one of his own, he also provides a wide array of services useful for physicians all over the world who wish to look at many opportunities put on offer by them.‚ÄĮ

If you have any questions regarding Phil Martin, please do not hesitate to contact me.‚ÄĮ

Jo-lyndi van Z

My husband and I first started considering the possibility of immigrating to Canada in December 2011. We sent in a general inquiry to Phil Martin and received a call within the next few of days.

Since our first contact Phil has been there every step of the way. He provided with whatever information we required and supported and motivated us whenever it felt like we were not moving forward. Even when we had to put our plans on hold for a time he still checked in with us. His extensive knowledge of the process and contacts really helped. Phil put us in contact with immigration consultants who were extremely efficient and knowledgeable as well. He was the go between person between us and my employer in Canada, keeping all parties involved up to date with our progress regarding our move.  

We have been in Canada for 6 weeks now and Phil has been in contact with us during this time to see how we are settling in. He really went above and beyond what is required of him and made the entire process of our move so much more efficient than it could have been.

I have no issue recommending Phil Martin’s services because he goes above and beyond his job description and feels more like a friend through the entire process.

Lara C

This is letter of recommendation of the services offered by Phil Martin. Phil assisted my partner and I with regards to our recruitment to Canada. We were very happy with his services as he was very helpful, always friendly, approachable and ready to assist with any problems.  

Raghu D

We had a good trusting relationship and my emails were replied within 2 days at any time and mostly on the same day.I would always recommend him to help any doctors wishing to relocate to any country and I have already referred couple of my friends to him.

Selamawit W

I was looking for locum in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand but for months there was no vacancy. Later in 2010 I added Canada to the list of countries I wanted to work in and soon I was contacted by Mr. Phil Martin. 

He spoke to me regarding the job opportunities in Canada, specifically in the province of Saskatchewan and emailed me the process of registration with PCRC.

Mr. Martin has helped me through the rigorous paper work that I had to do to complete the registration the PCRC and beyond. I was provided with an immigration consultant to help us with our visiting permits to come for site visit to Shellbrook and eventually for my work permit and my family permits.

He phoned at least once weekly to make sure everything was going smoothly. And to provide timely answers and guidance to the many hurdles on the way.  He got the job offers for me and organized the interviews with the employer. And notified me well in advance.

He was readily available for any question or advice. He would even go a mile further when I need some answers to question unrelated to his job. I really appreciated his prompt replies to my emails, even when it was after hours or weekend.

After almost two years of paper work, exams and assessments I am now practicing in rural Saskatchewan. I am enjoying my work. Mr. Martins still checks how I am doing and ask if there is anything he can help with. 

Looking in retrospect, the process was not stressful for me as Mr. Phil was directing me on all the relevant steps. I would like to complement him for doing his job so well. And highly recommend him. 

Rishta U

Thank you so much for helping me right from the beginning (application) to the recruitment. You made the entire journey very easy, and explained each and every step in the most simple and effective way. You were very prompt and quick with the emails, messages and calls and very efficient in what you do.

I wish you the very best and am more than happy to recommend you to any doctor who wants to move to Canada for work.

Leo Stephen G

Many thanks for all your assistance and guidance over the last few months, and you have been brilliant all along. Your input has been very valuable for me through out. You made the whole process easy and doable. I would strongly recommend you to my colleagues.‚ÄĮThanks.‚ÄĮ

Tamzyn L

Over the past year and a half I have had great pleasure in working with Mr. Martin. I would not be working as a medical doctor in Canada today, were it not for him. To this date, we have not yet met, but since the start of my venture to work in Canada he has been by my side, although not physically, he was never more than a phone call or email away.

He guided me in formulating my CV and getting all the necessary documentation together for submission and he put me in touch with a number of recruiters. He assisted me with guide questions in preparation for the interviews I had received and would liaise between the recruiter in Canada and myself. When the time came, he put me in touch with an immigration officer in Canada and would check my progress daily through emails and telephone calls. Even though I knew he was dealing with many other people like myself, he always found time for me and my concerns.

I found Phil to be extremely professional, reliable, completely dedicated and most importantly, I found him to be a friendly voice, guiding me through the sometimes stressful times that come up, when applying for a job in another country.

Therefore, it is without hesitance, that I would recommend Phil to anyone who is considering a move from another country, to work as a doctor here. I am confident that he would do the same for any other doctor who wished to work abroad, as he did for me.

If there is any further information you would like, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Siobhan M

I recently moved from London to work as a family physician in Alberta Canada and used Phil Martin to assist me for the duration of our relocation. He helped us with arranging all the paperwork for medical registration and put us in contact with several different communities in order to see where we would like to settle.‚ÄĮ Once we had picked a location, he helped put us in contact with a visa agency in order to work through our visa application in a timely fashion.

Overall our experience was positive.‚ÄĮ Phil was always available via email and phone and certainly made our transition to Canada easy.‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ I would recommend his services to anyone moving to Canada.

Naseeba M

From our very first contact with Phil Martin, my husband and I found him to be professional, hard-working and considerate. After requesting some information from the recruitment company, we received responses from several different recruiters, but Mr Martin was by far the most helpful and pro-active and this then led to us developing a working relationship with him. 

My husband and I are perhaps not the most efficient people and Phil ensured that we always kept up to date with the documents and tasks required to make our recruitment process successful. He did this however, in a respectful understanding way. Aside from a few days when he was on leave, in our 6 month-long working relationship, we were always able to approach him with queries and concerns and he would readily answer them and reassure us, no matter the time of day or week. He always made a concerted effort to contact us at a time that was convenient to us, and seeing that we were working at the time, this made life much easier. 

With regards to the recruitment process, Phil took the needs of my husband and myself and really did find a placement that suited all of our requirements. He did not avoid difficult questions and was honest and upfront about the placement. Choosing a place of work in another continent is never an easy task but we put our trust in his experience as we also knew of colleagues whom he had assisted to recruit and who were pleased with the outcome. We have been working in the clinic and community that we were matched to for over a month now and are very satisfied with the outcome of the recruitment process. We were even more impressed by how unexpectedly smoothly this went and we attribute this largely to our working relationship with Phil Martin. 

We have always been impressed by his knowledge, vast experience in the field, politeness and good manner. All in all it was a pleasure working with Phil and we would, and have, recommended his service to colleagues.

Zaher M

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Phil.‚ÄĮ He has been outstanding in keeping me on track with tasks and superb in‚ÄĮorganizing meetings with potential employers.‚ÄĮ It is easy for me to say that without his positive attitude and tenacity I would not have been able to weather the process.‚ÄĮ I recommend¬†Mr¬†Martin to anyone seeking assistance with employment elsewhere because he will quite simply make it happen.¬†

Michelle van der W

I have dealt with Phil Martin since the early stages of applying to work as a physician in Alberta, moving from South Africa. I was referred to him by a friend, who said that he had been very helpful in the process. He initially gave me all the information that I needed to start the process and has walked me through it since. I have found him to be extremely helpful and he has always found the answers to any questions that I have. 

He is approachable and I felt that he made the experience a lot more personal than most of the other people I have dealt with. He called me every couple of weeks to check that all was on track and followed up with me whenever he said he would. I found him to be very reliable and a pleasure to deal with. Not only is he friendly and relatable, but also gets the job done, which I have found to be a rare combination in this whole application process. I would recommend his services to anyone who would be interested in applying to work in Canada.  

Olusegun A

Phil is a dynamic recruitment consultant that knows his Job very well. He has a good communication skill, very friendly and very supportive. He understands the challenges of foreign medical graduates and he knows how to deal with it at appropriate time. I will recommend Phil for any doctor or practice anytime.

Bharathi C

Mr. Phil Martin guided and supported me in the entire process of relocation to Canada. They have provided detailed information about the various aspects of obtaining registration in Canada and kept updating me with any new changes & timelines. I was thoroughly supported during the immigration process as well. At the time that I was relocating to Canada I was informed that there has been an overhaul in the immigration process and I kept receiving updates for the same.

I found Mr. Martin very approachable, friendly yet professional in his approach. 

I strongly believe that his support will help various other doctors who are planning to relocate to Canada. 

Onyekwelu B

I am settling into the life in Canada. It is a relatively new life experience especially the weather condition. But nothing to worry about. I appreciate your help and guidance through-out the application process, site visit arrangements and final relocation. There is a significantly large volume of paper work that gets one very challenged and confused. But with your dedicated guidance all were sorted. I recall the repeated calls you made, even at your odd hours due to time difference, to answer my queries and clear some confusions. I have referred some of my friends to you due to your dedication and hard work in seeing that navigating through professional demands to work in Canada are simplified and made possible.

Hyder H and Dr Farah Z

We would like to place on record our heartfelt thanks and gratefulness for your support, help and guidance throughout. You have added a personal touch to the entire experience of moving to Canada. In short you were our rock! We remain indebted to you for the consistent role that you have played.

Wai Lum C

For the relocation from the UK to Canada, Phil Martin helped me through the College application process and finding a potential job. This process took just under a year and during this time; Phil was committed and motivated to the cause. He was knowledgeable of the process and provided practical advice how to move it along.  There would be regular phone calls to keep me updated and also answering any questions I may have had. 

With such a long, protracted process to obtain the medical permit and to immigrate to Canada, Phil was a valuable source to guide me through this and to keep me motivated until complete.

I was recommended by colleagues to use Phil Martin and I would not hesitate to continue further recommendations to others.

Vishal V

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Phil who has been the utmost help from the very start. Working together with him the move from UK to Canada appears to be seamless and easy. He has always been there to answer any queries and has been a true pillar of support and guidance.

Phil, has been instrumental in connecting us with the right job and has been terrific from day one. I feel at a loss of words to express my gratitude to Phil and his team of workers who have been working hard with us to find the right job and take care of all the necessary paperwork involved. Phil you are the best.  

Deshni N

I am Dr Deshni Naidoo, a South African general practitioner who recently relocated from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa to Vegreville, Alberta, Canada. This wonderful journey that I embarked upon, all started in October/November 2011, and this is when I initially became acquainted with Phil Martin. 

I can still vividly remember surfing the internet one afternoon, in search of job opportunities for a medical officer position in Durban or in Johannesburg, since year end was soon approaching, and my one year of community service was coming to an end.  Whilst doing so I decided to venture into Canada. At the time, I had no expectations as I was not actively intent on leaving home just yet (I thought that I had it all figured out, that I would specialize and then go abroad). Hence, I went on keeping all of my options wide open.

To my disbelief, I received many emails from Phil the very next day. Needless to say, I was quite impressed. Amongst all of the invaluable information that he sent me, he also stated that he would give me some time to go through everything, and that he would call me a week later to chat about it. Of course a week later, I received a call from Phil, and that marked the beginning of an awesome adventure. Seeing that everything seemed too good to be true, my mum was rather sceptical at the time, she was worried about this process being a hoax. On the contrary, I was delighted because traveling, especially visiting Canada was one of my childhood dreams. 

From the very outset, Phil was absolutely amazing. He was easy-going, polite, friendly and approachable all the time; this truly facilitated our lines of communication. No matter how silly a question/query may have sounded, I felt comfortable discussing it with Phil. 

He always responded to my emails with such impeccable timing, I really wish that I could have done the same. Apart from the numerous emails that he sent me, Phil also made several telephone calls throughout the entire process. There were often times when I unfortunately missed these calls, owing to the nature of my work with on calls and post calls, but Phil always left voice messages, emailed to ask when would be a good time to call, and always called back at a more convenient time for me. It was as if he was on call 24/7/365, because he always made himself available to assist me the best he could. 

One of my downfalls is procrastination; this is certainly something that Phil can attest to. I delayed taking the MCCEE owing to the fact that I had multiple family commitments and so on and so forth during the course of 2012, and naturally I did not want to be a statistic with regards to failing this examination. However with Phil’s unwavering support and encouragement, I eventually overcame my fears and wrote the MCCEE in November 2012. 

Thereafter it was all smooth sailing. In no time at all, Phil had arranged telephonic interviews and Skype interviews for me, with applicable clinics/areas taking into account my fields of interest and my preferences. 

In July 2013, I enjoyed a remarkable site visit in Alberta, Canada (Vegreville, Two Hills and Coronation). I was relatively stressed prior to this visit, as I was having some trouble with getting my visa sorted out in good time. Once again Phil stepped to the rescue; he helped me get into contact with some of his colleagues who provided further assistance. This bears testimony to the fact that Phil rises above and beyond the call of duty. He has done this many a time, other examples include: helping me by liaising with Alberta Health Services and helping with the entire work permit process following the site visit (with all of the daunting tedious paperwork). Phil helped me stay focused, he constantly reminded me about how this will all be worth it in the end.  

I was once told that: ‚ÄúPassion + Focus + Perseverance = Success‚Ä̬†

In my humble opinion, Phil does indeed possess all of these qualities, and consequently will be a great asset to any organization. He is an amicable gentleman who has played an incredibly instrumental role in my life-changing adventure. As a result of Phil’s brilliant persona and efficiency, I have shared his contact details with a few other South African doctors who are interested in moving to Canada, and I will continue to do so. I will be forever indebted to Phil for affording me this opportunity, for expanding my horizons and for helping me attain one of my childhood dreams. 

Mark D

To whom it may concern 

I have no hesitation in recommending Phil Martin to any Physician considering relocation overseas. 

Having sought advice to the feasibility of my intended relocation from the UK to Canada, I was contacted by Phil Martin.  He provided a comprehensive overview of licensing, registration and the work permit process as it related to each of the Provinces. 

Within days of making the final decision to relocate, my CV was circulated to potential recruiters, on line and telephone interviews had been held, and I had a selection of positions to choose from.

Phil signposted a route through the maze of bureaucracy, designed to satisfy the accreditation requirements of various Professional Organisations and Immigration Departments. He was attentive, competent and reliable throughout.

I would employ the services of Phil Martin again should the need arise.

Asha N

Mr Martin was involved in providing guidance through the entire process of my move to Canada. Initially he was able to advise me with regard to job availability in Canada and make recommendations that reflected my requirements. He was able to identify an appropriate job placement for me within 24 hours of my college registration coming through.

I found Mr Martin to be warm and approachable and always available both over the phone and via email. He was quick to respond to any queries that I had. He contacted me regularly during the process of moving, to provide updates and/or to provide guidance. I did not have to worry much about the practicalities with regard to the move as he was always there to help me with this. I found Mr Martin to be very knowledgeable with regard to the processes.

I am pleased to recommend Mr Martin as a recruitment consultant and wish him success in his endeavours.

Abdalhamid A

To whom it may concern. Phil Martin has excellent communication skills, responds to emails and phone calls quickly. At all times I have found him to be helpful organized and reliable. He has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend him to other physicians who want to work in Canada. 

Muninder L

Phil Martin is the critical reason that a pipe dream became reality! Setting foot to work in Canada unfortunately requires several multiple hurdles, much like gaining your medical degree again. However, the difference here is that the bar required and exam preparation technique is unknown. Phil Martin is critical in guiding, directing and advising on what to do, when and how.

The reality of this can be an up to 18 month process, during which time other commitments and life inevitably happens! As Doctors we are busy and dreams can often be left on the shelf. Having a colleague contact you regularly, keep you on your toes and not let your motivation fall is why I am here in Canada today.

I genuinely believe that had it not been for Phil Martin’s efforts of continuous encouragement and apparently boundless motivation, I would not be sitting typing this reference from my Canadian office.

Azhar Z

It has been a tremendous experience working with Phil Martin. I did not feel at any stage that I was lacking his professional competence or advice.¬†He worked on my case diligently and was very much update with all the new rules and regulations for the recruitment of foreign graduates in Canada. He‚ÄĮeven kept in‚ÄĮtouch with me while he was away watching World cup soccer. It means he was always available with click of a‚ÄĮsecond whenever I needed his advice.

Coming to Canada from anywhere in the work has been a‚ÄĮtedious and challenging process with lot of hoops and barriers but I felt without Phil advice it was not possible. He is friendly, professional and very reassuring which is needed when you have no knowledge of a new country.

He kept me update with some of the trends in Canadian health‚ÄĮsystem and particularly he sent a link to Michael Moore documentary Sicko which was hilarious. That alleviate my anxiety that I was entering in to a health care system which has similar ethos and principles as in UK.

He was always in touch with my employers and always raised questions for me. One thing I agree with him that Canada is a great country to work as compared to UK and I have no regrets to come from thousands of miles and resigned from my permanent position and‚ÄĮexplore new horizons.¬†Phil is an asset to‚ÄĮany IMGs who seek his professional advice. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Chinweuba Vincent U

Phil Martin was very helpful with the initial guidance and signposting on required documentation that would be required / provided to the Medical council Canada, in order to be able to be licensed to work in Canada. I was also informed about remuneration in Canada as a family physician, told about the weather and introduced to different practices looking to recruit doctors from the UK. 

He also helped with getting a work permit and I was also introduced to financial advisors who tried to help with transferring my NHS pensions to Canada. I am really happy with my relocation to Alberta in Canada and grateful to Phil Martin for the assistance in making this move.

Nancy A

Phil Martin was very helpful to me in finding the right job. He understood my situation well & the type of the job I wanted. He got me in touch with the employer with in 48 hour of our initial conversation. He kept me informed through-out the process. He was contactable & prompt in replying to my emails. He also helped me with licensing process.I have also recommended him to my friend who is currently looking into emigrating to Canada.

Vanessa O

I first got in contact with Phil Martin in June 2011 and he provided me with lots of useful information which included the following.

Information on the MCCEE 
Registration with CPSA
CFPC registration

He sent me various job advertisements for short term and long term General Practice jobs in Alberta.He also took my preferences and was able to find a job in an area which I could find myself staying long term.

Through Phil Martin I eventually got a job interview with Silverado Medical Clinic in Southwest Calgary. Once I got the job offer I was linked to a representative who helped me apply for my work permit. When I arrived Canada; Phil Martin kept in contact and also offered advice on financial issues and gave me contacts for companies which could help me with insurance.

Mr Phil Martin has been very helpful from June 2011 till the present date and I’m very grateful for his assistance and for answering all my questions.

Hannah W

I first contacted Phil on a bit of a whim inquiring about working in Canada. He was supportive without being pushy from the outset, providing lots of information and contacts regarding the initial steps I needed to take. He is friendly and personable and always felt like he was ensuring I had the right position for me, even when things weren't going smoothly due to the complicated immigration process.

Andrea W

You were brilliant when the CPSA were being inane in their demands for all of my previous employment records for 25 years of service in the NHS when they only keep records for 10 years, without your input i would not be here, whatever you did they backed down the next day and admitted perhaps they had been a bit over zealous in their requirements but no apology, it was a bit of a battle to get here especially when they changed the goalposts half way through my application, but you were a big help, they were what I  would say, being British - a bit of a brick wall.

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